Baseball Tickets

Connie Oleksak

On our way to the library to pick up some printouts, we listened to the traffic on the news radio and happened to catch the business news: the U.S. Department of Justice was suing LiveNation.

Wolf joked that he had never paid for tickets to a sporting event! Wow, hard to believe. (But with his teaching job, plus restoring over 450 carousel figures, and before that, restoring hot rods and motorcycles, and now playing music and sometimes getting last-minute gigs, he’s had no free time for decades.)

I asked him about the time he went with “The Minions” (his group of teacher friends) to the Orioles game years ago. “Oh yeah, I forgot. Well, just that one time.”

We get to the library, and I go in to pay for and pickup some printouts. I’m waiting at the cash register and glance over to my right at the little table where sometimes they have some free goodies like pencils or bookmarks. There’s a sign for free tickets to the local minor league baseball games with a stack of the free tickets! I grabbed two. Not sure if we’ll get to go. If not, I’ll either return them or give them away.

And then the next night, we watch an episode of a funny TV show, and they’re on a minor league baseball field!

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