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A Case of Onomatopoeia: Buzzing Mosquito

Rey Blanco

Sometime during the 1970s I sat at a card table in the middle of a room about 12 by 12 feet with the door closed. I was trying to figure out what some words meant. Atop the table was an opened Webster Unabridged Dictionary, a few other books, some pages, and some article written by Minkowski about his multidimensional world point spiral as it can be visualized through a simplistic filmlike universe.

As I sat studying, a heard a buzz.  I wondered what it was and realized that up above to my left was a tiny mosquito.

I was just about content to accept the source to resolve my question, when the mosquito simply glided down, as if it on a mechanical spiral, to land on the dictionary. I did not want to swat the mosquito but was curious.  It had landed inside the definition of onomatopoeia, on the example “tinkle, buzz.”

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