‘E.T.’ Theme Song Defuses Conflict

Rey Blanco

This happened maybe a year after the release of the movie “E.T.” A personal business issue led to a confrontation between myself and Bob, in a courtyard between three apartment buildings. A set of sheds for storage blocked the back, except for a door that ran through the passage between the sheds, that led to the alley.

That day, it was cold, the falling snow was sticking to the ground, with a topping of ice. Bob, to whom I was teaching the carpet trade, had a hammer and as we faced off over our conflict I asked, “Are you going to hit me with that hammer?”

Just as he was about to answer and/or make his move, we heard the alley door swing open, with a sound like it was playing the tune from “E.T.”

We stared at each other, and then nodded, confirming we had both heard it, and then the door did it again, playing the same tune!

That was enough to break the ice, and we were okay again. We figured out that the door had been opened by the wind, and as it rubbed against the hard snow, between the creaking and squeaking of the door, it created a sound just like in the movie, and that was funny.

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