“Expect Something Special from Smith”

ed crosser

I was working a Memphis, TN job that had just finished up and I was packing my belongings in my truck, going back and forth from the room I had rented to my truck. On one trip, I happened to notice a business card laying on the ground. I picked it up and saw the name ‘Dave Smith’ printed on it, and it was from the company I had just been employed with.

I finished packing and hit the road. Flash forward 1-2 hours, I’m traveling on I-40 heading home, not really paying much attention to anything, I look up and find myself ‘trapped’ behind a 18-wheeler with a whole ‘freight train’ of vehicles in the other lane. Nothing I could do but wait for an opening to go around the truck in front of me. I glance around and happened to notice the rear doors of the truck in front of me on which was printed “Expect something special from Smith”.

I finally arrived home, too late for supper, but noticed a very nice aroma coming from the oven. I ask my wife what she was cooking and she replied ‘apple pie’. Not really liking apple anything, I finished unpacking then joined her at the TV about the time her pie finished cooking. She got herself a slice and suggested I do the same, to which I declined. A bit later she said it was delicious and I should try a bite. I did so and she was correct: it was great. I asked her if she had made that pie to which she said no she had bought it. I ask her the brand. she said ‘Mrs Smith’.

At this point I wish to ask a question. I have had numerous events of this sort and I have always wondered:  how is it possible being Synchronicity is a fact, which I know unquestionably it is, how is it possible for Synchronicity and ‘Free Will’ to co-exist? If anyone has an answer I would love to hear it.

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