Need a Job?

Ellen Jones

This happened a long time ago, but it stays with me to this day. My family and I had moved out of state, and it didn’t work out. We had to make a quick move back to our hometown where we owned a home. Well, the year before when we moved, I had given up my job at a local tech company. I immediately starting job searching and just happened to have an interview around the corner from my old office.

After the failed interview, I decided to stop in and say hi to my old colleagues. As I came in the door, my ex-manager was standing in the reception area.  She was surprised to see me and asked what I was doing in town. I gave her the backstory and said I was looking for a job. Her eyes lit up. “You need a job? Have I got an offer for you!”

Within the week, I was back at work in my previous position and felt like I had never left. It was like coming home.

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