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Research in the Morning Pops Up That Night in NDE Video

Ingrid Raath

This was my most recent coincidence from May 3, 2023. I have a file where I record all my coincidences 🙂

For an hour one morning, I was doing research on German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich’s involvement in bringing light to the global Volkswagen emissions scandal in 2015, as I wanted to inform others in New Zealand of his high standing and credibility. He successfully sued Deutsche Bank, too.

He is coming to New Zealand as a valid legal jurisdiction to hear and adjudicate his team’s case against several agencies for Crimes Against Humanity.

That evening, I was listening to a few videos on Near Death Experiences (I’m interested in meta/quantum physics, energy, soul life, etc.), going from one to the next, including Anita Moorjani’s, in which she refers to Dr. Jeffrey Long. I looked him up, found a two-hour video, and four minutes into it, Art Bell mentions the Volkswagen scandal — totally unrelated to the rest of the video. I was gobsmacked!

I can see the correlation between the Volkswagen scandal of 2015 and this video also made in 2015… but still an amazing coincidence!

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