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Sticky Entanglement

Rey Blanco

This had to be the first half of the 1970s. Curiously, I had asked a group of friends if it was okay to record while we just sat and talk. We soon forget it was on.

Perhaps a few days later, maybe a week, the friends were over again, and as we started talking, the player with the past recording was turned on. At the time, the recording gave us all a spooky feeling because the pauses and words seemed to participate as present participants responding live and ad hoc.

Although the incident involved a small close group and our parameters of knowledge and discussions may have been limited to our own concerns, this “experiment” seemed to extend beyond that gauge.

Which comes down to other phenomena. Objects, especially electronic media gadgets, may suggest coincidences, carrying information sometimes from the past even if the actors are dead. Movies and/or live broadcasts appear as if participating in our mental and physical whereabouts with uncanny attention to detail.

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