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Synchronicities within Synchronicity

Mehta 4

In September 2022, I experienced a spiritual awakening. It was triggered by a soft instrumental version of a well-known 80’s song. Soon after, I noticed coincidences happening daily and began to write everything down. I then began making video presentations with PowerPoint to try to figure out more and posted them on YouTube.

I later discovered that the song that triggered my awakening was part of an album called Synchronicity, and I was surprised to learn that this was exactly what was happening to me. The songwriter was even going through a similar situation when he wrote the song.

One night while reading about Carl Jung’s life for one of my presentations, I heard a glass shatter in the living room. A long 10” crystal had fallen from a modern-style chandelier, and the chandelier was rocking side to side even though it wasn’t windy that night. I didn’t think much of it until I went back to my reading and learned about something similar that happened to Jung. While reading in his room one day, a wooden table mysteriously almost split in half, making a loud bang. A few days later, a butter knife in Jung’s house exploded into four pieces by itself.

When I looked closely at my chandelier, I saw that part of the crystal that broken was still hanging from the chandelier, as if the glass had shattered by itself and made the lamp rock side to side.

This is just one of many strange coincidences and dreams since my awakening. I’ve even told friends about certain numbers I constantly see, then they themselves started seeing them, as if I have infected them with my synchronicities. For every video I’ve made, synchronicities have guided me, as if some entity is telling me I’m on the right path.

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